A short interview with our new client DDA

The Dutch Datacenter Association (DDA) is the trade association of datacentres in the Netherlands. DDA connects the market-leading datacentres in the Netherlands with a mission: strengthening economic growth and profiling the datacentre sector towards the government, media and society.

Datacentres are a pillar of the Dutch economy and IT has become a mission-critical component and should always be available. Datacentres can provide IT security, continuity and scalability, and make them the preferred place of many companies – no matter their size – to accommodate the IT. Stijn Grove, Director of DDA: “The industry is growing so rapidly that it is no exaggeration to say that without datacentres industries come to a standstill. This critical role of datacentres for the Dutch economy will only increase in the coming years”.

Many organizations want to take action but miss the overview and basic knowledge of datacentres to take action. Grove: “Choosing a datacentre is not always easy, especially because the Netherlands is home to many datacentres. Together with ColoResearch, we will soon put the best and most reliable data centres on the map, and simplify making a difficult decisions”.