Turning point in public datacentre information

The Dutch Data Centre Association (DDA) datacentre map is now live. This is the first nationwide digital and dynamic datacentre map in Europe. The map not only displays how the main datacentres in the Netherlands are geographically dispersed, additional information is updated live by the participating datacentres.

In cooperation with the DDA, we have worked hard on a datacentre map, with all major professional Dutch datacentres (all members of the DDA). Datacentres are distinguished by their quality of service and professionalism. The map addresses a brief description of each datacentre, contact information and other relevant much sought after information. This map should make the datacentre orientation process for companies easier.

“This map is an initiative of the DDA and meets the need for objective and reliable information about datacentres,” says Stijn Grove, director of the DDA. “You would say that there are plenty of lists and catalogs for datacentres, but most lack objectivity and flexibility. It was our goal to present the facts and make them freely available to anyone who intends to use the services offered by datacentres and with the adequate help of ColoResearch we fully succeeded.”

View the Dutch Datacentre map